Desalination plants

Desalination plants

Projects for the desalination of seawater to provide drinking and industrial water are frequently constructed as integrated power generation and sea water desalination plants. In this context it is very important to choose and optimise the most appropriate plant configuration and technology for the desalination process. This applies in particular to privately financed projects in public-private partnership models.

That is why ILF always designs such facilities individually, to best meet the specific project requirements. This encompasses processes for sea water desalination as well as raw water treatment and post-treatment and/or conditioning of product water in line with the relevant requirements.



Fields of expertise:

  • Thermal desalination plants (MSF, MED)
  • Membrane processes (RO, ED, NF)
  • Hybrid systems
  • Integrated water and power plants

Marafiq Jubail IWPP

Marafiq Jubail IWPP, the world's largest multi-effect desalination (MED) plant, is a greenfield plant for the production of desalinated water from seawater by means of…

Sadara IWP

Construction of a reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant for use in the chemical industry.

Fujairah IWP

SWRO plant for the production of desalinated water from seawater by means of a reverse osmosis membrane process. The plant is located in the Emirate…
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