Power transmission and distribution systems

Power transmission and distribution systems

Energy is a valuable asset.

Sustainable utilisation of this resource is based on two premises. Firstly, on an efficient and environmentally friendly energy generation in modern power plants and secondly, on a safe and low-loss transmission of electricity and heat from power plants to consumers by using highly efficient transport and distribution systems.

ILF offers optimised, state-of-the-art solutions for the complete array of energy transmission services – from the transmission of electrical power via the energy suppliers’ overhead transmission lines to industrial supply systems which frequently place great demands on the system design on account of special load characteristics.

With respect to connecting high-capacity energy generation facilities to the grid over long distances, ILF is a pioneer in implementing innovative power transmission systems based on direct current transmission with HVDC cables or alternating current transmission with gas insulated transmission lines (GIL).



Fields of expertise:

  • Overhead transmission lines (OHL)
  • Gas insulated transmission lines (GIL)
  • Cable transmission lines
  • Distribution systems for industrial plants
  • High-voltage transmission systems
  • High- and medium-voltage substations (AIS, GIS, AC, HVDC)
  • Communications and network management systems (SCADA)
  • Power grid studies

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