Beliefs and values


Engineering Excellence

Unlike many competitors ILF is not seeking growth per se. What really matters to ILF is achieving market leadership through quality. ILF is constantly striving to be among the best performers in each of its fields of activities. The main ingredients to accomplish this are

  • a holistic approach to problem solving
  • a high level of ingenuity and creativity
  • a constant desire for improvement
  • a strong motivation and dedication of the team, and last but not least
  • great persistence and diligence to succeed

This is what ILF refers to as Engineering Excellence.

Contributing to a better quality of life

Although it may not always be obvious, the services provided by ILF have a significant impact on the quality of people’s lives.

Whether it is the supply of drinking water or electrical energy, the provision of transport systems or the supply of gas for heating purposes, ILF manages and engineers all of this – and a lot more.

ILF is passionate about contributing to a better quality of life around the globe.



ILF’s great people are making the difference! The highly motivated employees want to thrive and excel and thereby contribute to the overall success. Problems are considered as challenges and finding the best solution is the goal.

Everyone is treated with respect honesty, reliability and fairness regardless of position, ethnicity, religion or gender. ILF strives for long-term relationships whereby employees see themselves as ambassadors of ILF.

In order to best serve their client’s, ILF’s employees collaborate across regionally spread offices as one team. Distance, time zones and cultures are successfully bridged.

Sharing of competence, experience, tools and capacities are considered highly important to best serve clients.

ILF is fully privately owned and has no obligations towards banks, suppliers or any other third parties.

All actions are always based on purely objective considerations and are in the best interest of the client.

ILF addresses priority to safety and security as well as to the protection of health and environment. Laws and regulations are observed.

ILF and their employees feel responsible for each other, for society and for the environment. ILF is standing up to its commitments and acts professionally at all times.