Management systems

Integrated management systems

ILF maintains a customised Integrated Management System (IMS), which is a framework of policies, processes and procedures. The IMS is applied in all ILF offices and combines a health and safety protection management system, a quality management system as well as an environmental management system. It further incorporates a knowledge management system and a compliance management system.

The IMS contains work processes which describe proven “standard ILF practices”. By applying the IMS in various work processes, it becomes a management instrument for both the ILF Group and the individual companies of the ILF Group. The IMS also ensures that ILF complies with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 in their latest editions.

It is complemented by a Project Management System (PMS) which defines a systematic approach to the management of large-scale projects, based on best industry practice.

ILF’s management systems are primarily regarded as work aids for all ILF employees. By standardising processes, structures, designations as well as responsibilities and interfaces, the cooperation between employees from different departments and/or companies of the ILF Group in joint projects is facilitated and promoted. Moreover, the systematic approach supports adequate awareness of and behaviour towards risks and ensures high quality of services.

ILF’s management systems are regularly updated and further improved.

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