ONE ILF Approach

ONE ILF Approach

In the past decade the engineering services market underwent great changes. While ILF’s clients previously wanted to have engineering services provided from ILF’s offices in central Europe, the demands have changed significantly. Today, international clients request very close cooperation with their engineering partner on site, which means that he needs to be based within reasonable proximity of the client. Furthermore there is an understandable demand for local added value and for the development of local know-how in practically all countries. At the same time ILF’s clients also expect that international experience and expertise is used.

ILF meets these changed needs of its clients through the introduction of a new comprehensive group-wide approach termed ONE ILF.

It is based on the conviction that by making use of all competences and capacities which are available in the companies of the ILF Group as well as by optimising the internal cooperation between the companies, the benefits for ILF’s clients can be maximised.

The ONE ILF approach includes harmonising ILF’s legal structures, introducing a new functional organisation, promoting a culture of internal cooperation as well as focussing on the brand ILF.


Possible roles of an ILF company within the functional organisation

Functional organisation

In the new functional organisation all companies of the ILF Group are assigned one or more of the roles listed below, depending on their respective competences and capacities: Regional Center, Center of Excellence and Engineering Center.

The role of the Regional Center is assigned to companies for a country or a clearly defined region and for defined business areas. The Regional Center is responsible for the best possible development of a defined market by identifying, successfully acquiring and executing projects. Naturally it is essential to provide close support to the clients on site. The respective Regional Center shall also develop its own capacities and competences and make use of them when executing projects.

The role of the Center of Excellence is assigned to a company for one or more business areas, if the company possesses extraordinary expertise and a sufficient number of very competent key persons. The Center of Excellence shall make available the existing knowledge and expertise to all Regional Centers and support them in the best possible manner. The Center of Excellence is also encouraged to pursue and work on its own projects, always requiring close consultation with a possibly existing Regional Center.

An Engineering Center works on larger service packages for individual Regional Centers, ensuring great cost efficiency and top quality, and thus helps to increase the Regional Centers’ competitiveness. This role is only assigned to companies when minimum requirements such as a sustainable low cost structure are met and the employees have sufficient experience and capacities.

Effective coordination and consultation between the companies of the ILF Group is a prerequisite for their working together efficiently and smoothly. The Group Directors in the four main business areas coordinate the cooperation between the ILF companies

Culture of cooperation

The best organisation will not function properly if there is no willingness to cooperate. Being aware of this fact, it is an essential management task to further develop and promote ILF’s culture of cooperation.

By implementing a great number of individual measures at all levels and the resulting positive consequences that become progressively noticeable, the culture of cooperation is continuously developed further and expanded.

ILF’s values form a solid foundation on which to base the culture of cooperation.

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