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Energy & climate protection

The conversion of fossil and renewable energy sources as well as industrial residues and municipal waste into electricity and heat constitutes the basis for promoting and safeguarding the quality of life in a sustainable manner.

The necessary facilities form the backbone of modern society. In order to ensure reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly supply of energy, complex large-scale energy generation and distribution projects will have to be implemented. The design of such facilities and plants, and assistance through all construction stages to start-up, as well as consulting services for plant optimisation and modernisation are part of ILF's core competences. In the course of continuously extending the scope of its activities in the past 35 years, ILF has gained broad technical expertise and know-how, enabling the firm to perform complex planning, design and consulting services for international clients in the oil, gas and water sectors.

In the energy sector services are provided for the following facilities:

Thus the services offered by ILF in the energy sector become integral components of a value chain - from raw material to the final products heat, electricity and water: Starting with the development, processing and transport of energy sources such as gas, oil, water or biomass, through the conversion into thermal or electric energy, this value chain includes the production of drinking water from integrated power and sea water desalination plants.

In addition, ILF has long-standing and extensive experience in assisting investors and project developers when evaluating and developing new projects.