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1,000 MW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Dubai

Project Photovoltaic Power Plant Dubai
ClientDEWA Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
TimeframeStudy: 2012 - 2013, Solarpark: by 2030

In the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) 2030, various renewable energies are considered, whereby the focus is put on solar energy technology. This analysis focuses on evaluating the most effective and technically suitable solar power technology, to reach the lowest LCOE, consider regional climatic conditions and solar irradiation conditions in particular. Both PV and CSP technologies are analyzed, the best technology or mix of technologies suited for the selected site, and the corresponding implementation strategy is recommended.

Technical data:

  • Total power: 1,000 MW PV / CSP
  • Solar technology: PV & CSP
  • Grid connection: 400 kV



  • Evaluation of different PV and CSP technologies
  • One of the largest Solar Power Plant projects worldwide