Energy & Climate Protection


Energy & Climate Protection

The conversion of fossil and renewable energy sources, industrial residues, and municipal waste into electricity and heat is the basis for promoting and safeguarding the quality of life long term.

Facilities for energy production form the backbone of modern society. In order to ensure a reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly supply of energy, large-scale energy generation and distribution projects have to be implemented. Design of such facilities and plants, assistance through all construction stages and start-up, and consulting services for plant optimization and modernization are all part of ILF’s core competencies.



Częstochowa Combined Heat and Power Plant

Construction of a coal- and biomass-fired combined heat and power plant in Częstochowa.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park

Implementation of the first phase of a 1,000 MW solar park in an area of 40.45 km², south-east of the city of Dubai. The site…

Weitendorf Waste Heat Recovery Plant

The waste heat recovery plant recovers heat from the flue gas of the gas compressor station. The gas is collected in a newly built flue…

Marafiq Jubail IWPP

Marafiq Jubail IWPP, the world’s largest multiple effect distillation (MED) plant, is a greenfield plant for the production of desalinated water from seawater by means…

380 kV Overhead Transmission Line

The high-voltage overhead transmission line starts at the 380/110/13.8 kV Yanbu 3, PS1 Substation, near Yanbu’s industrial zone and ends in the 380/13.8 kV Yanbu…
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