Hybrid Power Plants


Hybrid Power Plants

The trend to decentralized, modular and flexible solutions has been gaining momentum in industrial and residential applications and in remote, unconnected communities. This development facilitates the integration of local renewable energy resources (wind, solar, biogas), base-load/back-up units (diesel, biomass) and storage facilities (e.g. battery storage) into a properly controlled, effective and stable supply network. There are several challenges to be addressed, the most important being maintaining local grid stability in real-time operation.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Design of complex, distributed energy supply systems
  • Feasibility studies and FEED
  • Grid studies
  • Permitting
  • Tendering, contract management
  • Project management, quality assurance, quality control

8 Hybrid Power Plants, Senegal

The project objective is to implement interconnected and isolated hybrid photovoltaic (battery and diesel) schemes in Senegal. It is a lighthouse project which serves to…

Al Yassat Island Hybrid Power Plant

Integration of a photovoltaic-diesel hybrid power plant into the off-grid system of Al Yassat Island in the UAE. Integration of renewable energy into the diesel…
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