To meet the climate targets set out by the Paris 2015 Agreement, namely further decreasing CO2 emissions, it is necessary to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix and to replace fossil fuels at a progressive rate. Hydrogen has the great advantage that it cannot only be used as a long-term storage solution for electric power but also as a feedstock for industry, or as fuel for mobility.

With the worldwide enthusiasm for hydrogen rising, and the number of hydrogen-related undertakings increasing, it is foreseeable that the role of hydrogen, and in particular green hydrogen, will continue to grow in the future. ILF endeavors to contribute to the shaping of a sustainable future by applying its knowledge and experience in the pipeline, refinery and petrochemical plant business – gained over the past 20 years – to the design of hydrogen production, storage and transport facilities.

ILF’s engineering expertise covers the entire hydrogen value chain and offers solutions for a large spectrum of hydrogen-related projects. This includes the design of facilities for renewable electricity generation, water treatment and desalination, as well as hydrogen production, storage, and transport.

ILF renders all the services required for the successful implementation of hydrogen projects.

Specialized Services for Hydrogen Projects:

  • Technical safety studies
  • Venting/blowdown studies
  • Heat radiation and gas dispersion calculations
  • Hazardous area calculations
  • Overall energy integration studies
  • Upgrade and modification studies
  • Pipeline system optimization
  • Site selection studies and pipeline routing

Fields of Expertise:

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Hydrogen Hybrid Pusher Tug

A conceptual study is being carried out for the development of a hydrogen hybrid pusher tug for the port of Hamburg.

The Red Sea Development Project – H2 Study

The Red Sea Development Project comprises a greenfield tourism resort that is supplied with 100% renewable energy.

ELEMENT EINS: 100 MW power to gas

The ELEMENT EINS project encompasses a 100 MW power-to-gas plant that converts wind energy to hydrogen.

Compressor Station Elten – Extension and Hydrogen content

Two of the old compressor units at the Elten Compressor Station needed replacing with a new compressor unit

Demo4Grid Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyzer for Grid Balancing Services

The project shall demonstrate how a 4 MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer can be utilized for grid balancing services.
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Capability Statement Hydrogen Production, Storage and Transport (EN)

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