HPP & PSP Rehabilitation


HPP & PSP Rehabilitation

The refur­bishment and retro­fitting of existing hydro­power plants is becoming incre­a­singly important worldwide. An essential factor for incre­asing the economic potential of hydro­power plants lies not only in their rehabi­li­tation, but also in the optimiz­ation of their use and operation – both in individual plants and groups of plants.

Offering an extensive range of services, and having many years of experience in the inter­di­sci­plinary planning, design and coordi­nation of hydro­power plants, ILF is able to advise and support clients to find the most economic and techni­cally feasible solutions for their rehabi­li­tation projects.

In addition to providing typical consulting services for rehabi­li­tation, ILF’s services also encompass:

  • Condition assessment – from walk-through and evaluation of histo­rical infor­mation, to detailed analysis and measu­re­ments (such as finger­print, Winter Kennedy, vibration and balancing)
  • Evaluation of moder­niz­ation oppor­tu­nities, cost and benefit analysis
  • Increase of flexi­bility and operation range: from concept, and testing, to the final imple­men­tation of measures for individual components, plants or groups of plants
  • Optimiz­ation of operation to minimize losses in individual plants and groups of plants, effici­ently fulfilling the changing demands of the market
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance requi­re­ments and impro­vement of environ­mental impact through technical modifications

From ILF’s experience, the speci­fi­cation of high-quality standards and a compre­hensive quality control of the scope of supply and services are of incre­asing impor­tance for successful project implementation.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Hydrology
  • Geology, Hydro­geology, Geotechnics
  • Natural Hazard Management
  • Environ­mental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydro­power, Dam & River Engineering
  • Under­ground Structures
  • Hydraulic Steel Structures
  • Electro­me­cha­nical Equipment
  • Electro­tech­nical Equipment
  • Instru­men­tation, Control & Telecommunications
  • Power Trans­mission
  • Archi­tecture
  • Business Adminis­tration
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HPP & PSP Rehabilitation

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