Solar Power


Solar Power

Solar energy, while abundant and readily available, did not play a substantial role in the energy supply mix in the past as the costs of converting it into electricity were too high for it to be attractive.

Yet, a growing awareness of environmental pollution and its consequences has sparked interest in photovoltaics as an energy source. Utility-scale photovoltaic installations have emerged and conquered the energy market in the last two decades. Highly competitive Levelized Costs of Electricity (LCOE) reflect the current state of the market.

ILF has entered this rapidly developing solar power market, taking advantage of the company’s long-term and successful presence in the Middle East. Over a period of ten years, ILF has become a major player in this sector and has been involved in many utility-scale PV projects, some of them marking a breakthrough in size, complexity and energy costs.

Based on the experience gained in the Middle East, ILF has expanded its services to other regions strengthening its presence in South-East Asia and in Africa.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Design of complex, large-scale PV und PV hybrid power plants
  • Feasibility studies and FEED
  • Permit application design
  • Tendering, contract management
  • Site supervision during construction and commissioning
  • O&M supervision
  • Due diligence
  • Lender’s technical advisory services
  • Project management, quality assurance/quality control

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