Chemicals & Petrochemicals


Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Chemicals and petro­che­micals have enabled the creation of novel materials and products in countless manufac­turing indus­tries and other fields such as agriculture, commu­ni­cation, and trans­por­tation. Petro­che­micals are the foundation of virtually every modern industry and form a vital part of our lives. Objects, which make life easy and comfor­table  – such as cars, computers, cell phones, children’s toys, household cleaning products, ferti­lizers and pharmaceu­tical drugs – are derived from petrochemicals.

ILF guides its clients in developing new, innovative solutions for value creating hydro­carbons that can be integrated into proven engineering concepts.

Finding ways to convert the precious hydro­carbon resource into a sustainable value chain loop for further genera­tions is one of ILF’s strongest ambitions.



Fiels of Expertise:

  • Polyolefin plants
  • PET and polyester plants
  • Ammonia, urea and ferti­lizer plants
  • Gas to petro­che­micals complexes
  • Xylenes to polymers complexes
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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

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