Tank Farms & Terminals


Tank Farms & Terminals

Con­sul­ting ser­vices, design, pro­ject manage­ment, and site super­vi­si­on for the con­struc­tion of tank farms and ter­mi­nals com­pri­se an important mar­ket seg­ment for ILF.

In pres­ti­gious inter­na­tio­nal pro­jects in this sec­tor, ILF has made a name for its­elf among inves­tors, owners, EPC con­trac­tors, and public and pri­va­te banks.


Fiel­ds of Expertise:

  • Sto­rage tanks for cru­de oil and chemicals
  • Finis­hed products
  • LPG and LNG
  • Bio fuels, che­mi­cals, and additives
  • Loading and unloading faci­li­ties for rail­cars, trucks, VLCC, and barges
  • Jet­ties
  • Sin­gle point moo­rings (SPM), etc.

Wilhelmshaven Tank Farm Enlargement (GER)

In order to increase the storage capacity, the existing tank farm is extended by two new tanks with a net volume of 210,000 m³.

Aqaba Oil and LPG Storage Terminal

Unloading, storage and transfer capacity of the Aqaba Terminal to accommodate the growing demand for importing larger amounts of crude oil, oil products and LPG…

Amman Petroleum Product Terminal

The Amman Strategic reserve Terminal for Petroleum Products does increase the oil product and LPG stock of Jordan.

Storage Depots in Romania

The storage depots supply the Petrom petrol station network with diesel and fuel and supply Romanian airports with JetA1.

Ceyhan Marine Terminal

The pipeline terminal in Ceyhan includes seven 150,000 m³ storage tanks. The loading facilities consist of a jetty suitable to handle two 300,000 DWT tankers…
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