Road Tunnel Ventilation Systems


Road Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Road tunnel ventilation systems serve to limit the concentration of air pollutants during normal tunnel operation and to transport smoke gases out of the tunnel during self- and assisted rescue in case of fire.

Depending on the tunnel length, the traffic load and type, as well as the likelihood of traffic jams, different ventilation systems, such as longitudinal, semi- or fully transverse ventilation systems, are used. A combination of these systems is sometimes required.  


15.5 km Long Road Tunnel in Austria

The safety level of this road tunnel has tremendously increased by the upgrade of the fire life safety equipment to the meet the new national…

SR 710 Freeway Tunnel

A twin-tube, double-deck freeway tunnel, approx. 17.8 m (58.5 ft) in diameter and 7.9 km (4.9 mi) in length, was one of four tunnel concepts…
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