Urban Transport Systems


Urban Transport Systems

The quality of public transport affects the attractiveness of living and working in large cities. In order to meet future needs and avoid problems like traffic jams, lack of parking space, and noise and air pollution, many large cities today promote the use of underground and rapid transit systems. Because of space limitations, such systems frequently require sophisticated engineering structures such as tunnels and bridges. Urban transport systems are demanding projects that entail complex permit applications and interdisciplinary cooperation.

ILF draws on its pool of experienced engineers to provide all of the engineering services needed for civil works, electromechanical equipment, and rail systems.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Trams
  • Metro systems
  • Light rail transit
  • Commuter rail
  • Cable cars
  • Various types of guided transport

Warsaw Metro, Line 2

The metro in Warsaw is the only underground railway line in Poland. ILF was involved in the implementation of Line 2 from the initial stage…

Ho Chi Minh City, Line 2

Metro Line 2 is one of six planned lines of the MRT network to be implemented by the Management Authority for Urban Railways of Ho…

Copenhagen Metro

In the first phase of construction the Copenhagen metro linked the western, southern and eastern parts of the city.

Lagos Cable Car Transit

The first phase of the project presented a special challenge to all engineering departments involved in the preliminary design (2012–2013).
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