Multimodal Transportation


Multimodal Transportation

The global changes in social, technological, ecological and spatial conditions have a considerable impact on the mobility of people and the transport of goods. Today traffic is subject to greater changes than ever before. The trend “better, faster, further” and the pursuit of economic vitality and ecological sustainability are transportation aspects that are almost consistent all over the world. Especially in passenger transport people increasingly use several different means of transportation for one single route to reach their destination.

This multimodality in transport requires sound knowledge of the traffic processes and the interaction between the different types of transportation as well as modern tools to be able to make accurate forecasts of traffic volumes and to simulate movement scenarios. When developing intelligent transportation concepts, ILF not only takes into account purely technical conditions, but also social, economic and ecological aspects. From a transportation perspective, it is essential to understand the effects on the transportation network in order to illustrate and optimize the benefits of investments in transportation engineering measures in all aspects already in the run-up to decisions.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Traffic planning and forecasting
  • Traffic simulation
  • Traffic management
  • Traffic flow optimization
  • Mobility design
  • Parking facility management

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Local Concept for Conversion of Kaiser-Josef Square from One-Way to Two-Way System

Kaiser-Josef-Platz is a multimodal transport hub in the center of Wels.

Conversion of One-Way B1 Eisenhowerstrasse (Q168) to Two-Way Road

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