Airflow Velocity, Pressure and Meteorological Measurements


Airflow Velocity, Pressure and Meteorological Measurements

Some phases of ventilation system design require specific measurements. For the dimensioning of ventilation systems, meteorological data are required to calculate the pressures between the tunnel portals. To investigate the spread of smoke in tunnel systems, airflow measurements can be performed, which additionally provide data to validate simulation models.

These airflow measurements can also aid commissioning, by demonstrating the ventilation system’s functionality and the accuracy of the tunnel’s air velocity sensors.

Furthermore, pressure measurements are used to validate simulation models, for instance when simulating pressure wave propagation or when commissioning pressurization systems.

All these measurements are offered as part of ILF’s services.


German Metro System

Several underground stations are investigated for the operator of a German metro system.

2 km Long Twin-Tube Road Tunnel in Austria

ILF was commissioned to design a new tunnel ventilation system for a tunnel rehabilitation project.
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