Supervision & Commissioning Support


Supervision & Commissioning Support

Coordination and site supervision during the construction phase are essential for the success of construction projects.

The site supervisor represents the interests of the client and supervises the work on site. During commissioning, the ventilation system’s functionality and its compliance with the guidelines is tested.

ILF offers all site supervision and commissioning support services required.


15.5 km Long Single-Tube Road Tunnel in Austria

The tunnel tube with two-way traffic was partially rehabilitated and the electrical installations were completely overhauled.

A9 Pyhrn Motorway, Wald Tunnel

In order to keep traffic flowing during construction, the two tubes were rehabilitated one after the other.

I-90 Road Tunnels in the USA; MBRT & MIT

A new light rail system was planned along the centre lanes of the two approx. 1 km long multi-level road tunnels.
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