Industrial Facilities


Industrial Facilities

Indus­trial facilities are at the center of projects in the areas of energy, water, the environment, oil and gas. Many years of experience allow ILF to offer a compre­hensive and multi-disci­plinary service portfolio to cover the wide ranging and techno­lo­gi­cally evolving design scope for indus­trial facilities.

In this field of activity, ILF works on incor­po­rating indus­trial facilities into energy projects, which create the basis for modern develo­pment by using sustainable and environ­mentally friendly energy sources.

The same can also be said for ILF’s water treatment and water trans­mission projects. Consi­dering the impor­tance that access to clean water has today, its purifi­cation and use (and therefore also the facilities needed for this) are key for the develo­pment of many countries.

Furthermore, many of ILF’s projects in the oil and gas industry – a core compe­tence of ILF, as well as one of the signi­ficant elements in the ILF portfolio – also make use of the latest techno­logies for indus­trial facilities and attract investors from all over the world.

Whilst providing compre­hensive design and consulting services for many innovative, inter­na­tional projects, ILF strives to ensure that its indus­trial facilities minimize harmful impacts on the environment whilst meeting the highest standards in terms of durability, safety and economic efficiency.


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