Public and Private Buildings


Public and Private Buildings

The combi­nation of in-house experience in the overall planning and project management of buildings, and the ability to under­stand things from a developer’s perspective, enables ILF to fully comprehend and fulfil clients’ expec­ta­tions. ILF’s service portfolio includes all services from design and project management to Owner’s engineering. Furthermore, ILF focuses on the provision of the following specia­lized services, which are key for delivering convincing results.

When imple­menting building designs, great impor­tance is attached to outstanding environ­mental building perfor­mance and high indoor comfort with the lowest possible use of resources. This is achieved through creative, innovative and sustainable climate, energy and façade solutions and the use of state-of-the-art simula­tions of building concepts.


Specia­lized Services for Public and Private Buildings:

  • Project Management
  • Overall Planning and Design
  • Building Perfor­mance Solutions (BPS)
    a. Climate Simulation
    b. Energy Modeling
    c. Thermal Building Simulation
    d. Daylight Simulation
  • Building Infor­mation Modeling (BIM) andDigital Twin Modeling
  • Procu­rement Management
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