Design of ski runs and bike trails


Design of ski runs and bike trails

For the planning and design of ski runs two things are essential: overview and experience.

With 35 years of experience from diverse projects, and with an integrated planning and design approach ILF meets the exact requi­re­ments for the complete planning and design of ski runs. The planning and design not only makes it necessary to precisely coordinate the ski run capacities with the transport capacities of the associated ropeways but also to focus on the specific requi­re­ments of the respective ski resort and its strategic direction. Depending on the target groups of a ski resort and the existing topography, ski runs are designed for the respective level of diffi­culty and the optimum length and width.

ILF offers standard ski run design services for winter tourism around the globe as well as design services that contribute decisively to the economic success of summer tourism in alpine resorts. By designing bike trails and courses, ILF demons­trates its versa­tility of services for making alpine resorts more attractive during snow-free months.

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