Optimization of energy and operation efficiency of snow-making systems


Optimization of energy and operation efficiency of snow-making systems

On the basis of this experience and with the aim of signi­fi­cantly reducing the utiliz­ation of resources needed for snow-making systems, ILF has developed hydraulic software that, for the first time, makes it possible to model and then simulate snow-making systems in real time.

To this end, a tried and tested hydraulic software tool used for the hydraulic design of large water trans­mission systems in the Arab region was further developed to be utilized especially for snow-making systems. This software speci­fi­cally developed by ILF, and the services that can be offered as a result, are unique on the market.

ILF is now able to simulate the entire hydraulic system with all components, such as pumps, filters, valves, and air, water and power lines with all tapping points and snow-making machines in real time throughout the snow-making period.

By analyzing diverse operating scenarios, optimiz­ation potential in terms of construction and operation can be identified and suitable impro­vement measures developed.

This allows operators to transport the right quantity of water at the right time to the right place while ensuring that energy is used effici­ently and hydraulic condi­tions are optimized.

In most cases the costs of snow production per cubic meter can thus be signi­fi­cantly reduced.

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