Tunnel Ventilation Systems


Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Due to the ever incre­asing length of tunnels, the growing number of safety requi­re­ments and incre­a­singly stringent environ­mental regula­tions, more and more demands are being placed on tunnel venti­lation systems today. Apart from meeting these demands, the design of venti­lation systems must also take energy efficiency and tunnel availa­bility into account, whether that be for road, rail or metro tunnels.

ILF has been active in the field of venti­lation technology for more than five decades, focusing on the holistic and inter­di­sci­plinary design of tunnels and venti­lation systems. The company has success­fully designed and supported the imple­men­tation of various complex venti­lation systems, and has played a leading role in more than 250 tunnel venti­lation projects in over 50 countries around the globe.

ILF’s services in the field of tunnel venti­lation systems include also:

  • Tunnel Lighting Systems
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Firefighting Systems
  • Doors and Airlocks
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Radio Systems
  • Network Systems
  • Low Voltage Systems

15.5 km Long Road Tunnel in Austria

The safety level of this road tunnel has tremendously increased by the upgrade of the fire life safety equipment to the meet the new national…

SR 710 Freeway Tunnel

A twin-tube, double-deck freeway tunnel, approx. 17.8 m (58.5 ft) in diameter and 7.9 km (4.9 mi) in length, was one of four tunnel concepts…

22 km Long Railway Tunnel in Norway

This project encompasses a new twin-track line between two Norwegian cities.

13.4 km Long Railway Tunnel in Austria

The tunnel system of this railway project consists of an 11.6 km twin-tube, which is connected with a 1.8 km long single tube.

Vienna Underground, Line U1

Several underground stations including connecting tunnel tubes were analysed by ILF for the operator of an Austrian metro system, in order to design the smoke…
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