Urban Development


Urban Development

Whether on a city or district level, sustainable infra­st­ructure is essential for green­field and urban trans­for­mation projects in order to create livable and attractive urban environ­ments. From water and energy supply systems to mobility networks, infra­st­ructure systems constitute the corner­stones of urban spaces, providing environ­ments around which many people’s lives are centered.

The develo­pment of urban infra­st­ructure is among ILF’s key compe­tencies. ILF can look back on more than four decades of experience in providing consulting and engineering services for urban infra­st­ructure projects around the world. It is not only this experience that makes ILF a perfect partner, but also ILF’s tireless efforts to utilize the potential offered by digita­liz­ation, transform design approaches and create extensive opportunities.

The focus of ILF’s tools and compe­tencies, pooled together under the term “urban design techno­logies”, is on developing tailor-made digital solutions that foster state-of-the-art design approaches and provide measurable benefits for ILF’s clients. Through the provision of such digital solutions, ILF is able to implement the highest standards of sustaina­bility, resilience and smart technology in its projects.

The vast experience of ILF’s experts combined with in-house design tools enables ILF to provide the best digital solutions for urban develo­pment projects. The well-founded specialist knowledge of an experi­enced planner is decisive when it comes to using digital tools in a sensible, efficient and targeted way.

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