Urban Development


Urban Development

Whe­ther on a regio­nal, city or district level, green­field and urban trans­for­ma­ti­on pro­jects depend on sus­tainab­le infra­st­ruc­tu­re sys­tems to beco­me via­ble and attrac­ti­ve. From water and ener­gy sup­ply, to mobi­li­ty and was­te manage­ment, infra­st­ruc­tu­re sys­tems con­sti­tu­te the cor­ner­stones of urban deve­lo­p­ments, pro­vi­ding an envi­ron­ment around which many people’s lives are centered.

ILF can look back on more than four deca­des of expe­ri­ence in pro­vi­ding con­sul­ting and engi­nee­ring for urban infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­jects around the world. It is not only this expe­ri­ence that makes ILF a per­fect part­ner, but also ILF’s tireless efforts to sei­ze the oppor­tu­nities brought about by digi­ta­liz­a­ti­on, trans­form design approa­ches and crea­te exten­si­ve opportunities.

Digi­tal com­pe­tence at ILF is poo­led tog­e­ther under the term “Urban design evo­lu­ti­on”, which sum­ma­ri­zes the work of engi­neers focu­sed on deve­lo­ping tailor-made digi­tal solu­ti­ons that fos­ter sta­te-of-the-art design approa­ches and pro­vi­de mea­su­reab­le bene­fits for ILF’s cli­ents. Through the pro­vi­si­on of such digi­tal solu­ti­ons, ILF is able to imple­ment the hig­hest stan­dards of sus­taina­bi­li­ty, resi­li­en­ce and smart tech­no­lo­gy in its projects.

The vast expe­ri­ence of ILF’s world-class experts com­bi­ned with their in-house design solu­ti­ons enab­les ILF to pro­vi­de digi­tal best prac­ti­ce in urban deve­lo­p­ment. The well-foun­ded spe­cia­list know­ledge and wealth of expe­ri­ence of plan­ners is decisi­ve and irre­pla­ce­ab­le when it comes to using digi­ta­liz­a­ti­on tools in a sen­si­ble, effi­ci­ent and tar­ge­ted way. 

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