Urban Development


Urban Development

Whether on a regional, city or district level, greenfield and urban transformation projects depend on sustainable infrastructure systems to become viable and attractive. From water and energy supply, to mobility and waste management, infrastructure systems constitute the cornerstones of urban developments, providing an environment around which many people’s lives are centered.

ILF can look back on more than four decades of experience in providing consulting and engineering for urban infrastructure projects around the world. It is not only this experience that makes ILF a perfect partner, but also ILF’s tireless efforts to seize the opportunities brought about by digitalization, transform design approaches and create extensive opportunities.

Digital competence at ILF is pooled together under the term “Urban design evolution”, which summarizes the work of engineers focused on developing tailor-made digital solutions that foster state-of-the-art design approaches and provide measureable benefits for ILF’s clients. Through the provision of such digital solutions, ILF is able to implement the highest standards of sustainability, resilience and smart technology in its projects.

The vast experience of ILF’s world-class experts combined with their in-house design solutions enables ILF to provide digital best practice in urban development. The well-founded specialist knowledge and wealth of experience of planners is decisive and irreplaceable when it comes to using digitalization tools in a sensible, efficient and targeted way.

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