Urban Design Evolution


Urban Design Evolution

Seizing opportunities for the ever-growing demand for digitalization in the AEC industry has become one of the sector’s biggest challenges. Through the development of in-house trend-setting applications and design solutions for urban infrastructure projects, ILF strives to achieve higher quality, faster delivery cycles and higher reliability in its work. The company’s digital workflows and digital tools facilitate the provision of pioneering solutions for in-house design processes and set new standards for client involvement.

In order to fully embrace the new opportunities offered by digitalizing internal workflows, ILF’s focus is on constantly improving its capabilities in the fields of:

  • gathering and processing data
  • parametric and computational design
  • urban scale simulation (outdoor climate, utility demands)
  • visualisation techniques (AR & VR)

By working with 3D models in conjunction with logically linked data sets and interfaces to simulation tools, the development, planning and execution of projects can be illustrated at a very early stage of project development, allowing the effects that individual elements have on the system as a whole to be instantly assessed.


Specialized Services for Urban Design Evolution:

  • Parametric & Computational Design
  • Urban Scale Simulations
  • Utility Demand Simulations
  • Urban Climate Simulations
  • Client Interfaces (AR & VR solutions)
  • Design Collaboration Platforms:
    a. Data Management Models
    b. GIS Applications 
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