Urban Design Technologies


Urban Design Technologies

Seizing oppor­tu­nities arising from the ever-growing demand for digita­liz­ation in the AEC industry has become one of the sector’s biggest challenges. Through the develo­pment of its own trend-setting appli­ca­tions and design solutions for urban infra­st­ructure projects, ILF strives to achieve higher quality, faster delivery cycles and greater relia­bility in its work. The company’s digital workflows and digital tools support in-house design processes and set new standards for the inter­active invol­vement of clients.

In order to fully embrace the new oppor­tu­nities offered by digita­liz­ation, ILF’s focus is on constantly improving its compe­tence in the fields of:

  • gathering and processing data
  • compu­ta­tional design
  • urban scale simulation (urban climate, utility supply)
  • visua­li­sation techniques (AR & VR)

By working with 3D models and linking them with data sets and various tools (e.g. simula­tions), the develo­pment, planning and execution of projects can be demons­trated and visua­lized at a very early stage of project develo­pment, allowing the effects that individual design alter­na­tives have on the system as a whole to be instantly assessed.


Specia­lized Services for Urban Design Evolution:

  • Compu­ta­tional Design
  • Urban Scale Simulations
  • Utility Demand Simulations
  • Urban Climate Simulations
  • Client Inter­faces (AR & VR solutions)
  • Visua­liz­ation Techniques to aid Project Commu­ni­cation (AR & VR)
  • Design Colla­bo­ration Platforms:
    a. Data Management Models
    b. GIS Appli­ca­tions 
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