Urban Infrastructure Master Plans


Urban Infrastructure Master Plans

With the aim of realizing clients’ visions for green­field or urban transformation/regeneration projects, ILF under­takes master planning for infra­st­ructure systems in order to create livable urban environ­ments on any scale. From water and energy supply systems to mobility networks, ILF provides technical solutions with a constant focus on opera­tional, economic and legal aspects.

Master plans are the first step to trans­forming urban develo­pment visions into reality. Well-founded knowledge of project and stake­holder expec­ta­tions is key for the delivery of tailor-made solutions. Having been involved in hundreds of urban infra­st­ructure projects, ILF knows what it takes to success­fully realize projects and provides compre­hensive design master plans for urban infra­st­ructure systems.

Already in the master planning stage, ILF’s design approach is geared towards delivering digital twins of projects as a sound basis for further design develo­pment. Digital twins enable simula­tions to be run, all project-related data to be managed and design works to be coordinated.

Current trends show that digital twins of projects will play a decisive role in the AEC industry in coming years. Urban environ­ments will undergo constant, data-driven optimiz­ation in terms of their perfor­mance (e.g. social and ecolo­gical perfor­mance) in order to improve the quality of life for mankind. Creating digital twins of urban environ­ments, through the appli­cation of data processing and simulation techniques during master planning, will be the basis of this optimiz­ation, as realistic perfor­mance forecasts become possible.


Specia­lized Services for
Urban Infra­st­ructure Master Plans:

  • Project Framing
  • Infra­st­ructure Project Framing
  • Transport Master Planning
  • Utility Master Planning
  • Energy Supply Master Planning
  • ICT Master Planning
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