Water & Environment


Water & Environment

With an ever increasing population and a rise in urbanization and infrastructure development, water and environmental issues, culminating also in changes to our climate, are some of the main obstacles facing today’s world. In line with its corporate sustainability objectives, ILF strives to create better living conditions and improve the quality of life worldwide.

In many parts of our planet, water is already a scarce commodity and demand exceeds current supply. Water has thus become a limiting factor in the stable development of many countries. Our environment is at the core of all our experiences, and as such, ILF regards the environment as something which touches everyone and everything.

Over the last 35 years ILF has prided itself in implementing a positive yet pragmatic approach to delivering both tangible and sustainable solutions for our clients. This is done by embracing project-related challenges, complying with all country-specific laws, applying international guidelines and regulations, engaging in discerning discussions and imparting our own innovative inputs.


Ras Al Khair – Riyadh Water Transmission System

The Ras Al Khair-Riyadh Water Transmission System is one of the largest transport systems for drinking water.

Sewer System for the Town of Wattens – Modification/Rehabilitation Sewer System & Stormwater Overflow Structures

The project involved a structural and hydraulic inspection of all sewers in the town of Wattens. Depending on the structural and hydraulic condition of the…

Water Supply Systems in 28 Towns and Cities in Georgia

In the course of the Water Infrastructure Modernisation Project (WIMP), water supply systems in 28 towns and cities in Georgia are being rehabilitated and extended.

Modernization of Mittlerer Ring Road, Landshuter Allee

Due to its great traffic significance as the fastest access road to all important traffic routes in the city, the Mittlerer Ring road forms the…

Sadara Independent Water Project (IWP)

Construction of a reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant. The treated water is made available to the chemical industry.

Fujairah F1 Expansion Independent Water Project (IWP)

Seawater desalination plant with reverse osmosis membrane process located in the Emirate of Fujairah on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the UAE.

Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant

A flagship project for ILF both in the Middle East and internationally, the Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment plant includes one of the largest reverse osmosis treatment…

Czajka Wastewater Treatment Plant

ILF provided multi-faceted input to this key wastewater treatment plant project for Poland’s capital Warsaw, one of the largest plants in Europe.

Al Mu’ajjiz Terminal, Water Treatment and Rehabilitation

The purpose of the Rehabilitation of Al-Mu‘ajjiz Terminal (RAMT) project to increase the terminal capacity in Yanbu to allow the client to accommodate the East-West…

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant – Jeddah Industrial City 1

The Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment serving Jeddah Industrial City 1 is operated by ICDOC under a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) concession agreement with MODON.

Smolian Integrated Water Project

The overall objective of the project was to protect the “Cherna” River, and later the “Arda” River, from pollution caused by discharges of untreated sewage…

Taweelah Independent Water Project (IWP)

Taweelah IWP will be the world’s largest SWRO desalination plant.

Shuqaiq III Independent Water Project (IWP)

The plant will be located in the city of Shuqaiq on the Red Sea coastline, approximately 137 km north of Jazan in the Kingdom of…
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