Industrial Water


Industrial Water

In indus­tries, water is used in many different process streams. A consistent water quality is often decisive for stable production condi­tions and product quality. When water is leaving the indus­trial cycle, it has to be treated to meet environ­mental standards.

In situa­tions of indus­trial expansion with finite water resources and costly supply, the impor­tance of solutions consi­dering the “three Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is growing. These solutions can bring about signi­ficant cost savings for indus­trial opera­tions. With an in-depth under­standing of the water standards required for the respective appli­ca­tions and the best available techno­logies to achieve them, ILF supports its clients to optimize their indus­trial water cycles and to identify reuse and recycling routes.

The requi­re­ments for on-site water treatment but also for waste­water-specific treatment have a consi­derable impact on the production costs in many indus­trial plants. In addition to financing and operating costs, simple handling, high relia­bility and a long service life are of decisive impor­tance to ILF’s clients.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Raw water treatment – preci­pi­tation, floccu­lation, filtration, desali­nation, disinfection
  • Treatment for process use – softening, demine­ra­liz­ation, oil and grease removal
  • Water reuse and closed-loop cycles solutions
  • Optimiz­ation of on-site water cycles
  • Energy and resource efficiency and recovery solutions

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Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant — Jeddah Industrial City 1

The Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment serving Jeddah Industrial City 1 is operated by ICDOC under a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) concession agreement with MODON.
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