Urban Water Systems (test)

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Urban Water Systems

With urbanization rising exponentially, the need for appropriately managing water in urban areas continues to grow whatever the source and purpose. Seemingly resilient water supply and wastewater collection systems require smarter solutions than in the past due to factors such as climate change, ageing infrastructure, resource recycling, digitalization and regulatory compliance.


The objective of responsible urban water management is to create towns and cities that are resilient, livable, productive and sustainable.

ILF is a leading provider of interdisciplinary engineering solutions to address urban water challenges. By taking an integrated urban water cycle approach, ILF delivers solutions that ultimately reduce potable water consumption and infrastructure life cycle costs while simultaneously improving the quality of life in urban spaces.


  • Ensure water security through efficient water use
  • Harness the opportunities that digitalization offers for effective system operation and for the prevention of
    system outage
  • Mitigate flood risk and damage
  • Create public spaces and private places that harvest, clean and recycle water, resulting in water resource, environmental and social benefits
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Water Loss Reduction in Zarqa

The Zarqa Water Loss Reduction project targeted selected areas within Zarqa Governorate with known high water losses (in excess of 50%).

Irbid and Beit Ras Wastewater Networks

ILF is leading a team of international and national experts to provide improved wastewater services to residents in Irbid and Beit Ras, Jordan.

Water Projects in Prahova, Bacau, Neamt, Iasi, Buzau

European Commission financed scheme saw ILF responsible for the preparation of an overall water sector strategy and investment programme for five counties in Romania, representing…

Sewer System for the Town of Wattens – Modification/Rehabilitation Sewer System & Stormwater Overflow Structures

The project involved a structural and hydraulic inspection of all sewers in the town of Wattens. Depending on the structural and hydraulic condition of the…

Korça Water Supply and Sanitation System

With funding from the EIB and KfW, ILF's experts played a pivotal role in transforming the Albanian city of Korça from an impoverished urban area…
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