Water Transmission Systems

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Water Transmission Systems

The worldwide demand for water is growing continuously. This is especially the case in arid areas where water has to be transported over large distances to satisfy the needs of the local population and industries.

The extremely large quantities of water that have to be pumped through such pipelines for hundreds of kilometers require complex facilities. Ensuring the cost efficiency and continuous availability of water pipelines is a challenge to be addressed with every project. The optimization of investment and operating costs is one of ILF’s core competencies.

For more than three decades, ILF has been involved in the design and implementation of many complex international water transmission projects. ILF has become an international market leader in the field of large-scale water transmission systems.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Pressurized and gravity water transmission systems
  • All associated facilities such as water intake, pumping stations, tanks, etc.

ILF’s scope of services in this business area encompasses all supply systems for drinking and irrigation water, power generation, oil production, mining, and industrial purposes.


Centinela Mine Seawater Transmission System

Design and consulting services for a seawater transmission system in Chile.

Ghadames–Zwara–Az Zawiya Water System

The Ghadames–Zwara–Az Zawiya Water System is part of the Great Man-Made River Project.

Ras Al Khair – Riyadh Water Transmission System

The Ras Al Khair-Riyadh Water Transmission System is one of the largest transport systems for drinking water.

Yanbu–Madinah Phase 3 Transmission System

The Yanbu–Madinah Phase 3 Water Transmission System meets the rapidly increasing water demand in the metropolitan area of Madinah and various cities in Madinah province.
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