Heating & Cooling


Heating & Cooling

In response to global trends and market expec­ta­tions, ILF provides solutions in line with the 4th Generation District Heating and Cooling (4GDHC) concept of integrating smart thermal grids (which utilize centra­lized energy plants, renewables and low-tempe­rature heat sources) into systems that optimize opera­tional costs and minimize heat losses, with the help of heat and cold storage systems.

Based on the profound knowledge of heat generating plants such as Combined Heat and Power (CHPs) plants, Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants and biomass-based instal­la­tions, as well as on the vast experience with renewable energy sources and energy storage facilities that its engineers have, ILF offers compre­hensive services focused on optimizing the overall efficiency of grids and radically reducing the emission of green­house gases and air, water and soil pollutants. These services comprise the design of entire district heating and cooling networks, the analysis and optimiz­ation of existing networks, and compre­hensive services related to all components or subsystems of such grids.

ILF renders all the services required for the successful imple­men­tation of heating & cooling projects.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Combined heat and power plants incl.
    peak-shaving facilities
  • District heating systems fueled by various renewables
  • Low-tempe­rature, and heat-pump-based waste heat recovery systems
  • Heat/cold energy storage
  • Fuel type optimiz­ation for heat generation systems
  • District heating piping systems and pumping stations – analysis/design/optimization
  • Ring/star distri­bution heating systems
  • Cooling techno­logies and district cooling systems
  • Network simula­tions (EnergyPro and STANET)
  • Site selection studies and pipeline routing
  • Technical safety studies
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