Solar Power


Solar Power

Solar energy, while abundant and readily available, did not play a substantial role in the energy supply mix in the past as the costs of converting it into electricity were too high for it to be attractive.

Yet, a growing awareness of environ­mental pollution and its conse­quences has sparked interest in photo­vol­taics as an energy source. Utility-scale photo­voltaic instal­la­tions have emerged and conquered the energy market in the last two decades. Highly compe­titive Levelized Costs of Electricity (LCOE) reflect the current state of the market.

ILF has entered this rapidly developing solar power market, taking advantage of the company’s long-term and successful presence in the Middle East. Over a period of ten years, ILF has become a major player in this sector and has been involved in many utility-scale PV projects, some of them marking a breakthrough in size, complexity and energy costs.

Based on the experience gained in the Middle East, ILF has expanded its services to other regions streng­t­hening its presence in South-East Asia and in Africa.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Design of complex, large-scale PV und PV hybrid power plants
  • Feasi­bility studies and FEED
  • Permit appli­cation design
  • Tendering, contract management
  • Site super­vision during construction and commissioning
  • O&M super­vision
  • Due diligence
  • Lender’s technical advisory services
  • Project management, quality assurance/quality control
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