Wind Power


Wind Power

Wind is one of the oldest power sources used by man­kind. The wind indus­try is a lar­ge and gro­wing sec­tor with a sup­ply chain that pro­du­ces thousands of com­po­nent parts and a ser­vice sec­tor that is incre­a­singly advan­ced in its use of tech­no­lo­gy to design tur­bi­nes, set up wind farms, and map wind poten­ti­al. The instal­la­ti­on of wind farms is incre­a­sing in the same man­ner as that of solar and geo­ther­mal plants.

Star­ting in nort­hern Euro­pe, today many coun­tries around the world are using wind power to sup­ply electri­ci­ty to their power grids. Wind power is alrea­dy estab­lis­hed as a serious alter­na­ti­ve to con­ven­tio­nal fuel for electric power production.

Fiel­ds of Expertise:

  • Pro­ject deve­lo­p­ment and capa­ci­ty planning
  • Fea­si­bi­li­ty studies
  • Grid con­nec­tion of wind farms
  • Owner’s engi­nee­ring
  • Lender’s engi­nee­ring
  • Tech­ni­cal advi­so­ry services
  • Per­mit­ting
  • Detail engi­nee­ring
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