Transportation & Urban Spaces


Transportation & Urban Spaces

The quality of life of our society is impacted by the quality of our building complexes and building struc­tures. Optimized commu­ni­cation projects and traffic and transport projects that are sustainable and environ­mentally friendly meet our growing need for infor­mation, mobility, and transport.

For more than three decades, ILF has been engaged in the engineering design of construction and infra­st­ructure projects. Over the course of those years, ILF has success­fully imple­mented many unique and challenging projects, which together have earned ILF a reputation of engineering excellence.

ILF focuses on the following business areas:

  • Airports
  • Buildings
  • Ports & Maritime
  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Ski Resorts
  • Struc­tures
  • Tunnels & Caverns
  • Urban Develo­pment
  • Urban Trans­por­tation
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