Water & Environment


Water & Environment

With an ever incre­a­sing popu­la­ti­on and a rise in urba­niz­a­ti­on and infra­st­ruc­tu­re deve­lo­p­ment, water and envi­ron­men­tal issu­es, cul­mi­na­ting also in chan­ges to our cli­ma­te, are some of the main obsta­cles facing today’s world. In line with its cor­po­ra­te sus­taina­bi­li­ty objec­ti­ves, ILF stri­ves to crea­te bet­ter living con­di­ti­ons and impro­ve the qua­li­ty of life worldwide.

In many parts of our pla­net, water is alrea­dy a scar­ce com­mo­di­ty and demand exceeds cur­rent sup­ply. Water has thus beco­me a limi­t­ing fac­tor in the sta­ble deve­lo­p­ment of many coun­tries. Our envi­ron­ment is at the core of all our expe­ri­en­ces, and as such, ILF regards the envi­ron­ment as some­thing which tou­ches ever­yo­ne and everything.

Over the last 35 years ILF has pri­ded its­elf in imple­men­ting a posi­ti­ve yet prag­ma­tic approach to deli­vering both tan­gi­ble and sus­tainab­le solu­ti­ons for our cli­ents. This is done by embra­cing pro­ject-rela­ted chal­len­ges, com­ply­ing with all coun­try-spe­ci­fic laws, app­ly­ing inter­na­tio­nal gui­de­li­nes and regu­la­ti­ons, enga­ging in dis­cer­ning dis­cus­sions and impar­ting our own inno­va­ti­ve inputs.

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