Jobs at ILF


Jobs at ILF

ILF is looking for employees who recognize global requi­re­ments and are committed to a sustainable future.

Whether you have recently graduated from university, have several years of experience in success­fully handling projects, or are at the peak of your profes­sional career, ILF looks forward to sharing your journey with you.

Current Opportunities

ILF Calgary

Thank you for your interest in ILF Canada. We have no role-specific job openings at this time. 

Other Opportunities

ILF-Austria, office Innsbruck

ILF-Austria, office Vienna

ILF-Austria, office Linz

ILF-Austria, office Graz

ILF-Austria, office Dornbirn

ILF Calgary

    ILF Germany, Office Bremen

    ILF-Germany, Office München

    ILF-Germany, Office Hamburg

    ILF Germany, Office Essen

    ILF Germany, Office Berlin

    ILF-Austria Branch Germany (ILF-ATG)

    AC-Germany, office Stuttgart

    AC-Germany, office Leipzig

    ILF-Poland Branch Ukraine

      ILF-USA, Office Seattle

      ILF-Czechia (ILF-CZE)


      Employment Fraud Notice

      We are aware of the times that we live in and that some indivi­duals may wish to take advantage of unsuspecting and vulnerable applicants.

      ILF Consulting Engineers and its offices worldwide will never solicit grati­fi­cation in exchange for resumes or employment.

      Be alert with respect to recruitment fraud! The only way to verify the authen­ticity of any adver­tised position at ILF Consulting Engineers is via our careers website.

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      Careers @ ILF Canada

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