How to Apply


How to Apply


This is an overview of the application process within ILF Consulting Engineers:

We are constantly looking for motivated and talented people to join our team. Even if there are currently no job openings that suit your qualifications, we would like to receive your unsolicited job application. All applicants will receive at least a confirmation of receipt and, if no suitable position is available, a letter of refusal. Qualifying unsolicited resumes are placed in a database. These candidates will be contacted in case of a match between their profile and future open positions.

You may find our job openings on our website, in local and international newspapers, and on the most common job platforms. If you have further questions regarding a certain job, please refer to the contact person listed on the job opening.

If you want to know more about our company – here is what our employees say about working at ILF Consulting Engineers.

View all job openings at ILF Consulting Engineers.

Send your application by email to the address stated at the bottom of the job advertisement. Please make sure that your application contains all relevant documents (e.g. CV, cover letter, job references).

We start with reviewing and pre-selecting the candidates.

In this process, we collect feedback from relevant departments in order to select the best candidates for a particular position.


Your first interview will generally be held by an HR business partner together with an expert from the relevant department. Sometimes, the HR business partner may call you beforehand to conduct a short phone interview to address some preparatory questions.

The general structure of the first interview is based on a semi-structured questionnaire. Every interview will also feature technical questions and questions about the candidate’s background.

In certain cases you may be invited to participate in an online behavioral assessment.

This helps us to get a better picture of how you would fit in with us and where your strengths would be best applied.

For most positions, a second interview will be held. This is conducted to provide both the candidate and the hiring company with a better understanding of each other’s goals and qualities. In general, the HR business partner will be joined by the line manager and/or managing director for the second interview.

This second interview focuses more on technical details and personal skills and qualities.

If you have any questions about a vacancy or about your application process, please refer to the contact person listed on the job opening that you would like to apply for.

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