Senior Civil Engineer (National Staff)

Job description

  • Develo­pment of the full set of project documen­tation, principle diagrams, drawings, explanatory notes, etc. for archi­tec­tural and construction solutions, metal and reinforced concrete struc­tures and other sections as per the requi­re­ments of construction regula­tions and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 
  • Design of metal and reinforced concrete struc­tures, including: 
  • Calcu­lation of loads and impacts on metal structures; 
  • Perfor­mance of foundation loads calculation; 
  • Develo­pment of drawings of general view of metal struc­tures of buildings and struc­tures (plans, cross-sections, views, excerpts); 
  • Develo­pment of layouts of metal and concrete struc­tures elements; 
  • Detailed drawings of metal struc­tures nodes; 
  • Assembling drawings of concrete and reinforced concrete structures; 
  • Drawings of reinfor­cement, embedded and connecting items; 
  • Diagrams of monolithic reinforced concrete structures; 
  • Speci­fi­ca­tions and bills of materials for concrete and reinforces concrete struc­tures and rolled metal products and items. 
  • Perfor­mance of calcu­la­tions using specia­lized software. 
  • Design of indus­trial and civil facilities. 
  • Collection of initial data for design, personal parti­ci­pation in the construction site surveying. 
  • Construction super­vision for the facilities designed. 
  • Imple­men­tation of technical support of the project before the end of the instal­lation works. 
  • Prepa­ration and issuance of tasks under related sections.



  • Advanced AutoCAD user. 
  • Knowledge of calcu­la­tions software (SCAD, LIRA-SAPR, STAAD.PRO, etc.) is a must. 
  • Advanced user of Data Management Systems, Excel, Word, Microsoft Office or similar software packages. 
  • Work experience as per the requi­re­ments of construction regula­tions and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan (knowledge of inter­na­tional standards in the field of construction will be an advantage). 
  • Work experience in inter­na­tional companies will be an advantage. 
  • Ability to develop projects at all stages of design. 
  • Be proactive, initiative and have ability to work without supervision. 

Education: Bachelor degree in engineering is minimum requirement.
Master degree preferred

Language skills: Russian and English are mandatory.
Kazakh is advantageous
Profes­sional experience: Min 10 years

Atyrau, 5/2

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Location: ILF-Kazakhstan, Büro Atyrau
Available from: Now


For further questions please contact us:

ILF Kazakhstan, Atyrau
Ms. Bakyt Kadiraliyeva

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