Commissioning Manager for PMC Services

Job description

  • Review EPC Contractor developed Pre-Commis­sioning, Commis­sioning & start up Plans, Proce­dures & related methods statements. 
  • Leads, directs and super­vises PMC commis­sioning team of disci­pline Engineers in prepa­ration and execution of Pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning of gas Plant systems assuming respon­si­bility for imple­men­tation in confor­mance with the Client’s needs, quality and HSE standards. 
  • Review and assess of the work risks and safety requi­re­ments involved in Pre-Commis­sioning and Commis­sioning activities. Ensure safety of PMC team during perfor­mance of the works 
  • Review Pre-Commis­sioning / Commis­sioning schedule, sequence, and priority systems / sub-systems as per process requi­re­ments and construction status. 
  • Prepares a technical recom­men­da­tions with write up on how the plant shall be commis­sioned and handed over including certification. 
  • Review manpower organiz­ation to complete the commis­sioning schedule and assess the available resources and possible constraints in the execution of the same. 
  • Oversees and ensures all construction activities are completed prior to taking up the system for commis­sioning and ensure the setting up of safety proce­dures for the same. 
  • Coordi­nates with the Client and EPC Contractor pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning team and support the develo­pment of integrated plans including the scope of pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning activities, duration for each, scope of inter­linked activities, resources required, constraints regarding the same, as well as availa­bility of tools and machinery in addition to overseeing the prepa­ration of pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning schedules based on the quantum of job and duration for each activity as well as prioritize system completion requi­re­ments in order to steer construction completion. 
  • Provides guidance to the pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning team in analyzing the scope as per contract and battery limit /guarantees as well as ensure the prepa­ration of proce­dures for syste­matic and sequential pre commis­sio­nin­g/­com­mis­sio­nin­g/start-up of plant. 

Ensures that all safety requi­re­ments and proce­dures are followed during Pre-commis­sioning, commis­sioning, and start-up.

  • Coordi­nates with other depart­ments to resolve interface problems and attend regular review meetings with the client on issues such as HSE confor­mance and pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning progress as well as meetings with the Vendors to resolve any equipment related problems. 
  • Reviews reports generated by Commis­sioning Engineers and report to PMC Management the Pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning updates. provide support and technical guidance as and when required. 
  • Ensure Pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning team hands over the plant to client in line with the commis­sioning start-up schedules and client requirements. 
  • Attend Site walk downs related to readiness of pre-commis­sioning, commis­sioning and start up. Review Punch List Items and support closure tracking as per Project procedures.



  • Worked as commis­sioning manager for at least one project in gas processing industry from Client side or PMC 
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in pre-commis­sioning and commis­sioning of oil and gas related projects. Familiar with gas sweetening, dehydration and Sulphur units 
  • Thorough knowledge of relevant inter­na­tional standards 
  • Excellent commu­ni­cation skills 
  • Highly pro-active working style with team work spirit 
  • Good knowledge of office software and respective profes­sional software 

Education: University Degree preferably in Engineering Sciences

Language skills: English is mandatory.
Russian is advantageous
Profes­sional experience: Min 10 years 

Tashkent, 5/2


Location: ILF-Kazakhstan, Office Tashkent
Available from: Now


For further questions please contact us:

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