Horticulturist (m/f)

Job description

  • Conducting research to develop new plant varieties that are resistant to disease or drought, for example. 
  • Conducting research on soil compo­sition, irrigation methods, pest control techniques, and other factors that affect plant growth. 
  • Monitoring insect popula­tions to determine when pesti­cides or other treat­ments are needed. 
  • Conducting environ­mental impact assess­ments to determine if proposed construction projects will have any impact on the surrounding environment or wildlife habitats. 
  • Evaluating plants for signs of stress, disease, or other problems. 
  • Consulting with clients about the selection of plants suitable for their needs. 
  • Recom­mending new planting designs or layouts based on client needs, available space, sunlight requi­re­ments, and other considerations.



  • A degree in engineering, preferably BSc with +15 years of experience or MSc with +10 years of experience 
  • Previous experience working in Middle East, preferably Saudi Arabia. 
  • Western accredited University 
  • Excellent command of English, Arabic would be beneficial 
  • Use relati­onship management techniques to develop project oppor­tu­nities within existing and new client accounts, further developing long-term partnerships and an effective client network 
  • Self-initiative, client focus, awareness of trends and changes, as well as an entre­pre­neurial attitude and a confident demeanor 

What we are offering:
An interesting and challenging position with a high level of personal respon­si­bility in a very diver­sified and interesting technical work environment. The oppor­tunity to work in a dynamic team and to make use of your profes­sional and personal quali­fi­ca­tions in exciting projects. A pleasant social environment as well as a variety of oppor­tu­nities for profes­sional develo­pment in a company that operates globally. People who join our team find an organiz­ation that values them, treats them with respect, and constantly invests to help them to take on new challenges.


Location: ILF-Saudi Arabia (ILF-KSA)
Available from: Now


For further questions please contact us:

ILF & Partners Engineering PSC
Mr. Benjamin Kreiter

Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road
Olaya District, Building No. 3074
Olaya Towers, Tower B, 11th Floor
11433 Riyadh

Tel: +966 (11) 4 65 41 45
Fax: +966 (11) 4 64 46 16

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