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ILF Academy -
Training Excellence

To support the personal and profes­sional develo­pment of its employees, ILF offers a range of training courses under the name “ILF Academy”.

The ILF Academy is open to each and every ILF employee and addresses employee develo­pment needs by offering courses focused on soft skills and commu­ni­cation skills, advanced internal process expertise and specia­lized technical and profes­sional know-how.

The ILF Academy Concept

The ILF Academy is committed to providing a homogenous curri­culum that is taught throughout the ILF Group via develo­pment programs which combine profes­sional know-how and key skills.

Benefit for Participants

A key principle of the ILF Academy is to further develop the potential of ILF’s employees, and enhance their profes­sional profile.

With training course parti­ci­pants coming from different cultures, countries and ILF office locations, training events offer a great oppor­tunity to build a network of colleagues with similar profes­sional backgrounds yet different career paths.

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