Contribution to Society


Contribution to Society

ILF is family-owned and thus fully independent from other shareholders and investors.

At ILF we understand our role in our society as employer and member. We care for positive relationship with our communities and society in general.

We appreciate our staff dedicating their free time to community services such as fire fighters, ambulance, mountain rescue, charity organizations and the likes.

As a company we regularly donate to organizations supporting people in desperate need.


Sustainable Activities (examples)

  • We support our clients to develop, construct, and put renewable energy plants into operation (e.g. Solar PV Power Plant in Sakaka)
  • We help clients to develop, construct, and put public transport infrastructures into operation (e.g. Metro Warsaw)
  • We create innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. closed drain system for treatment of hazardous sludge resulting from gas exploration)
  • We take Performance Standards and Equator Principles within our projects seriously
  • Our office in Rum undertakes to get certified as an Austrian climate alliance partner (Klimabündnis)
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