Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is critical in knowledge based fields like those of ILF. Respon­sible, competent managers are assigned to all specialist fields of ILF. Their role is to conti­nuously expand the knowledge of ILF in their respective field of expertise, create documen­tation, and convey it across the entire ILF Group. The compe­tence officers are in-house partners for addressing challenges in their respective areas of expertise. To make it easy to access the wide knowledge base of ILF, the Group has set up the ILF Knowledge Portal. It is acces­sible to all employees and contains an extensive collection of internal and external documents.

It goes without saying that training that meets the individual needs of employees is highly important. The ILF Academy provides tailor-made training courses and compre­hensive programs to meet those needs.

Recommended Practices

For different design steps and comple­mentary services, ILF has an extensive collection of its own recom­mended practices. These document the proce­dures recom­mended by ILF for the individual work steps, and they are supple­mented by detailed workflows. This promotes the transfer of knowledge from experi­enced to younger employees. When ILF companies work together, it is very important that the parties involved have the same under­standing of the workflows and results in order to work together effici­ently. The process descrip­tions of the recom­mended practices contribute signi­fi­cantly to achieving this goal.

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