ONE ILF Approach


ONE ILF Approach

In the past decade the engineering services market has undergone great changes. In the past, ILF’s clients wanted to receive engineering services from ILF’s offices in central Europe, but now demands have changed signi­fi­cantly. Today, inter­na­tional clients request close coope­ration with their engineering partner on site, which means that engineers need to be based within reasonable proximity of the client. There is also demand for local laborers to be trained and for jobs to be given to them instead of bringing in outside laborers. At the same time, ILF’s clients also expect that inter­na­tional experience and expertise is used.

ILF meets the changing needs of its clients through the intro­duction of a compre­hensive, group-wide approach termed ONE ILF.

ONE ILF is based on the conviction that making use of all of the compe­tencies and capacities that are available in the companies of the ILF Group and optimizing the internal coope­ration between the companies maximizes benefits for ILF’s clients.

The ONE ILF approach includes standar­dizing ILF’s legal struc­tures, intro­ducing a new functional organiz­ation, promoting a culture of internal coope­ration, and focusing on the brand ILF.


Possible roles of an ILF company within the functional organization

Functional Organization

In the new functional organiz­ation, all companies of the ILF Group are assigned one or more of the following roles depending on their respective compe­tencies and capacities: Regional Center, Center of Excel­lence, or Engineering Center.

Regional Center is a company of the ILF Group that is respon­sible for a specific country or region and for defined business areas. The Regional Center is in charge of developing a defined market by identi­fying, acquiring, and executing projects. Naturally it is essential to provide close support to the clients on site. Regional Centers also develop their own capacities and compe­tencies and use them to execute projects.

Center of Excel­lence is a company of the ILF Group that is respon­sible for one or more business areas. These companies have key point people or industry experts in that business area. Centers of Excel­lence support Regional Centers and offer them knowledge and expertise. A Center of Excel­lence is also encou­raged to pursue and work on its own projects, but should always coordinate its activities with the respective Regional Center.

Engineering Centers help to increase the Regional Centers’ compe­ti­ti­veness by working on larger service packages for individual Regional Centers and ensuring cost efficiency and high quality work. This role is only assigned to companies when requi­re­ments such as a sustainable low cost structure are met and when the employees have suffi­cient experience and capacities.

Effective coordi­nation and consul­tation between the companies of the ILF Group is needed for them to work together effici­ently and smoothly. The Group Directors in the four main business areas coordinate the coope­ration between the ILF companies.

Culture of Cooperation

Even the best organiz­ation will not function properly if there is no willingness to cooperate. Because of this reality, ILF’s management purpo­se­fully culti­vates a culture of cooperation.

The imple­men­tation of different initia­tives and their resulting positive effects foster a culture of coope­ration among the companies of the ILF Group.

ILF’s values form a solid foundation on which to base the culture of cooperation.

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