ILF passio­nately contri­butes to enhancing the environment in which we live, promoting the resilience and prosperity of its clients, staff, and all stake­holders, and thus improving the quality of life around the globe. This contri­bution is a step in the right direction to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

In line with its commitment to contribute to sustaina­bility, ILF puts the United Nations Sustainable Develo­pment Goals (SDGs) at the heart of its business activities. The SDGs provide the framework for ILF’s endeavor to create a more livable and sustainable future, charac­te­rized by safe and healthy living condi­tions, for present and future generations.

ILF’s strong support of the imple­men­tation of the SDGs is exemplified through:

  • its dedicated service to its clients (and invol­vement of stakeholders)
  • its corporate culture of sustainability
  • positive contri­bution to society

How sustainable is ILF?

ILF joins the global movement of companies measuring and disclosing their impacts on the environment, society, economy and gover­nance in accordance with inter­na­tional reporting standards.
The Sustaina­bility Report helps ILF to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to define mid- and long-term goals to reduce our environ­mental footprint and promote corporate sustainability.

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