A Sustainable Contribution to Society


A Sustainable Contribution to Society

ILF is family-owned and thus fully independent from shareholders and investors. Due to this independence, ILF is genuinely committed to acting in its clients’ best interests and in line with its own Sustainability Policy, based on the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/).

ILF’s role in society, as both an employer and a member, explains why the company places great importance on fostering positive relationships with individual communities and with society in general.

In recognition of its corporate social responsibility, ILF contributes to the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation, a scholarship program launched by one of the company founders which aims at supporting talented and motivated students. ILF also actively collaborates with the association Engineers Without Borders, which focuses on technical development cooperation.

ILF not only appreciates its staff dedicating their free time to community services such as the fire department, ambulance service, mountain rescue, or to charity organizations, but also as a company makes regular donations to organizations that support people in need.

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