Sustainably Evolving the Company


Sustainably Evolving
the Company

ILF is aware of the impor­tance of its employees for the company’s sustainable develo­pment. From the very start, ILF has promoted creative thinking amongst its staff, and encou­rages employees to closely cooperate with various R&D insti­tu­tions, and regularly parti­cipate in training activities and conferences.

The promotion of such creativity and networking fosters the formu­lation of smart and innovative solutions, the provision of which forms a pivotal part of the Sustaina­bility Policy of the ILF Group, which outlines ILF’s commitment amongst others to:

  • reducing the company’s carbon footprint
  • reducing the company’s energy consumption
  • minimizing the company’s waste production

This policy is however only the starting point of ILF’s endeavors to embed sustaina­bility into its organiz­a­tional culture. An effort is also being made to enhance the life quality of employees, and enable them to make their own personal contri­bution to improving the quality of life worldwide.

Through respon­sible management and a range of training programs offered by the ILF Academy, staff are able to develop both profes­sio­nally and perso­nally at all stages in their career. The ILF Inter­na­tional Trainee Program additio­nally offers young engineers the possi­bility to gain inter­na­tional profes­sional experience whilst developing their inter­cul­tural competence.

To facilitate the develo­pment and sustainable evolution of the company, coordi­nation of the company’s priorities with the SDGs, and definition of SDG imple­men­tation strategies, is a conti­nuous process at ILF. Currently, the following SDGs are integrated into ILF’s corporate culture:

  • How sustainable is ILF?
    The Sustaina­bility Report 

ILF joins the global movement of companies measuring and disclosing their impacts on the environment, society, economy and gover­nance in accordance with inter­na­tional reporting standards.
The Sustaina­bility Report helps ILF to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to define mid- and long-term goals to reduce our environ­mental footprint and promote corporate sustainability.


Good Health and Well-Being



Decent Work and Economic Growth



Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 12


Source: UN*
* UN General Assembly, Trans­forming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Develo­pment, 21 October 2015, A/RES/70/1, available at: [accessed 26 May 2020]

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