Sustainably Evolving the Company


Sustainably Evolving
the Company

ILF is aware of the importance of its employees for the company’s sustainable development. From the very start, ILF has promoted creative thinking amongst its staff, and encourages employees to closely cooperate with various R&D institutions, and regularly participate in training activities and conferences.

The promotion of such creativity and networking fosters the formulation of smart and innovative solutions, the provision of which forms a pivotal part of the Sustainability Policy of the ILF Group, which outlines ILF’s commitment amongst others to:

  • reducing the company’s carbon footprint
  • reducing the company’s energy consumption
  • minimizing the company’s waste production

This policy is however only the starting point of ILF’s endeavors to embed sustainability into its organizational culture. An effort is also being made to enhance the life quality of employees, and enable them to make their own personal contribution to improving the quality of life worldwide.

Through responsible management and a range of training programs offered by the ILF Academy, staff are able to develop both professionally and personally at all stages in their career. The ILF International Trainee Program additionally offers young engineers the possibility to gain international professional experience whilst developing their intercultural competence.

To facilitate the development and sustainable evolution of the company, coordination of the company’s priorities with the SDGs, and definition of SDG implementation strategies, is a continuous process at ILF. Currently, the following SDGs are integrated into ILF’s corporate culture:


Good Health and Well-Being



Decent Work and Economic Growth



Reduced Inequalities

SDG 10


Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 12


Source: UN*
* UN General Assembly, Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 21 October 2015, A/RES/70/1, available at: [accessed 26 May 2020]

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