Vision, Values & Beliefs



A leader in improving quality of life around the globe

  • - in pursuit of this vision, ILF is passio­nately contri­buting to sustainably improving living condi­tions worldwide.

This is what drives us and makes us believe in our work.



At ILF, everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of position, ethnicity, religion, or gender. This equally applies to ILF staff and to third parties.

At ILF, honesty is thought to be crucial for profes­sional relati­onships. This is why we walk the talk.

At ILF, all employees take ownership of their assign­ments and feel accoun­table for their actions. It is understood that keeping commit­ments regarding project scope, service quality and time schedule is highly important. Relia­bility is a prere­quisite for developing trustful and lasting relati­onships within ILF and with third parties.

At ILF, everyone is treated with fairness. Fairness is also a guiding principle in ILF’s decision making.



Rather than seeking growth alone, ILF is aiming for market leadership through quality. Therefore, ILF is constantly striving for Engineering Excel­lence. This is achieved by a

  • a holistic approach to problem solving,
  • high level of ingenuity and creativity,
  • a constant desire for improvement,
  • strong motivation and dedication,
  • diligence and great persistence,
  • conti­nuing programs for staff development,
  • knowledge management and compe­tence development.

In order to best serve their client’s needs, ILF’s employees colla­borate across regio­nally spread offices to work as one team. Distance, time zones, and cultures are success­fully bridged.

Sharing of compe­tence, experience, tools, and capacities is highly important to best serve clients.

ILF’s great people are making the diffe­rence! ILF’s highly motivated employees want to excel and contribute to the overall success of ILF. Problems are consi­dered challenges, and finding the best solution is the goal.

ILF strives for long-term relati­onships and for employees to see themselves as ambassadors of ILF.

ILF is fully privately owned and has no obliga­tions to banks, suppliers, or any other third parties. Actions are always based on purely objective consi­de­ra­tions and are in the best interest of the client.

ILF is committed to sustaina­bility. This commitment is fulfilled in ILF’s day-to-day business activities and in ILF’s continued effort to reduce its carbon and waste footprint

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The ILF-Group mission statement

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